When Norelco started using animated advertisements to market their electric razors along with other personal grooming products within the 1960s, animation like a media form was neither particularly advanced, nor made an appearance regularly on tv.

In to the 1970s, however, Norelco’s Christmas spots grew to become among the indications that christmas had truly showed up.

Famously featuring Father Christmas sledding with an upturned razor attachment, Norelco not just created an advert which may be acquainted for many years in the future, but pioneered among the earliest purposes of animation to promote to adults.

They accomplished it partially by using probably the most advanced animation at that time.

Actually, the ads were so effective that, once they aired during animated Rankin/Bass programs, viewers were frequently unsure in regards to what would be a created area of the show and just what was just advertising.

norelco holiday campaign shaving advertisement

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Once established, later versions from the ad focused less on Santa’s journey and spent additional time displaying products to customers. At that time, obviously, the format from the advertisement was instantly recognizable and connected using the Norelco brand.

Over the last years, the ad continues to be designed to incorporate newer animation technologies for example CGI, retaining its familiar structure and dedication to quality animation.

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