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Legend has it that in December 1955, a youthful girl misdialed an unknown number simply to be placed right through to the ‘red phone’ at Continental Air Defense Command (CONRAD). A Colonel Shoup, who purportedly clarified the telephone, is reported to possess confirmed his identity as Father Christmas and thanked the lady for departing treats for his reindeer.

What amount of the legend is elaboration isn’t obvious. However, since 1955 NORAD (the successor to CONRAD) has maintained a yearly campaign of tracking Father Christmas and informing the general public of his progress on Christmas Eve.

Colonel Shoup was motivated to make use of the event like a pr exercise for NORAD, publicizing the cutting-edge abilities from the organization. Partly, this could bring a company which received little public focus on the forefront of people’s minds and also the media.

The campaign demonstrates the usage of multiple types of media for delivering just one campaign, and also to date, telephone hotlines, newspapers, radio, phonograph, television and also the internet have been used to inform people where Santa is.

Today, CGI videos of Santa progressing on his journey are submitted online. They were supported by voice-over until 2011, typically recorded by NORAD staff, but frequently featuring celebrity visitors for example Jonathan Ross, Ringo Starr and Aaron Carter.

The benefit of the campaign for kids is apparent. For adults, however, the work invites individuals to take part in the fiction –– offering anybody the chance to take part in a little fantasy, tracking Santa live because he makes his journey all over the world.

It’s also an interactive campaign participants can telephone for updates or follow progress ‘live’ online.

Today, greater than 1,200 NORAD staff volunteer their very own time for you to answer the dedicated tracking phone number, with more than one hundred 1000 calls and a few 20 million appointments with the internet tracker in 2014 alone, this periodic tradition remains very popular today.

Holiday Marketing Takeaway

If NORAD can track Father Christmas, why don’t you improve your company image and interact your audience with a few light-hearted (and knowledge-driven) fun?