Several visitors during christmas within the 1970s learned that finding poultry in Japan was very difficult. Rather, they chosen a fried chicken Christmas dinner.

KFC capitalized about this chance and started serving chicken dinners at Christmas in 1974 underneath the promotion ‘Kentucky for Christmas.’

The campaign itself was obvious, staying away from the standard hallmarks of Christmas as recognized in the western world, and rather delivering an easy message that ‘at Christmas, you consume chicken.’

This message pervaded television commercials, and attracted one culture’s passion for another’s cuisine similarly towards the West’s adoption of sushi.

kfc chicken christmas in Japan

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The simplicity the actual message was ideally suitable for the country’s appetite for foreign ideas and tastes, becoming an undoubted success. In 1971, KFC had tallied up almost $a million of debt in Japan by 1974 countless stores were generating sales averaging $29,000 each monthly.

Today KFC operates greater than 1,200 stores across Japan –– with monthly profits doubling in December.

The KFC Christmas dinner has since been extended from the origins, with cake and champagne put into the initial staples of chicken and wine.

Christmas Eve is becoming KFC’s busiest season in Japan, and lots of customers now pre-order their chicken dinners several weeks ahead of time to prevent hrs of browsing line. All this for a domestically-unfathomable $40 cost tag around the meal.

KFC has further extended the general idea of “Kentucky for Christmas.” This Year and 2013, passengers departing Japan on selected flights towards the U.S. and Europe were offered within-flight KFC meals within the Christmas period. And Tokyo, japan houses KFC’s only three-story restaurant having a fully stocked whiskey bar.

Holiday Marketing Takeaway

Within an more and more globalized world, take advantage of foreign goods reimagined for the regional or national market.