did coca cola invent santa?

Photo: Coca-Cola

History has offered many representations of Santa Claus, that has made an appearance in a variety of clothing and colours with time. Possibly the favourite portrayal, however, is Saint Nicholas of Myra, a 4th Century bishop portrayed in familiar red robes.

The most popular myth that Santa Claus owes his appearance to Coca-Cola –– the portly stature, bushy beard and red outfit –– isn’t entirely accurate. Rather, the Father Christmas image you already know today was the look portrayed by Haddon Sundblom for Santa’s very first in Cola advertising in 1931, drawing inspiration from Saint Nicholas’ image.

Indeed, of the numerous contemporary portrayals of Santa Claus, Coca-Cola easily selected — instead of invented — the look we all know today.

Obviously, this imagery easily matched their own famously colored branding.

Cola’s campaign has changed with time, showing Santa in a variety of scenarios which any customer will dsicover familiar:

  • ‘Me too’ in 1936 was Santa within the Great Depression
  • ‘Give and take, say I’ demonstrated children departing out Cokes for him during the night in 1937
  • In 1961, Santa tries to hush the household dog ‘When buddies stop by.’

Area of the campaign’s success is within engaging Santa in recognizable scenes. Customers reactions and traditions have adopted. After 1937, children began departing out Coke during the night, while to another campaign demonstrated Santa with no wedding band, concerned fans authored to Coca-Cola asking where Mrs. Claus choose to go.

In adopting this type of essential periodic character, Coca-Cola can securely repeat their campaign every year. People anticipate seeing Santa and, similar to his wedding band, may likely now question if he unsuccessful to create a look and feel on Cola’s account.

As the red and white-colored branding similarities are largely fortuitous for Coke, there might be little question this helps seal the association between your logo and Santa in people’s minds.

Supplying Santa’s Beverage of preference

As somebody who loves and studies a brief history of advertising, very couple of brands have experienced as big of the effect on culture as Coca Cola.

As the brand’s product offering has hardly any related to Christmas, their concentrate on Santa once they remained as at the start of brand development would be a huge win for his or her brand.

Most of the early Coca Cola ads featured Santa encircled by kids along with a Coca Cola in the hands.

– Ross Simmonds, Founder, Foundation Marketing

Holiday Marketing Takeaway

Is there’s a properly-known periodic character whose features already match a number of your branding? If “yes”, take advantage of this to construct lengthy-lasting associations in consumers’ minds.