The following Web Summit conference is several weeks away (November 6-9, 2017), so we’d thought we’d get you lower memory lane and review a few of the popular features of among the largest and fastest-growing technology conferences on the planet.

However, let’s discuss what Web Summit is within situation a number of you’re not acquainted with it.

About Web Summit

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Web Summit is really a technology conference, as mentioned earlier, and it is grown to get among the largest technology conferences on the planet. Some publications, for example Corporation., have known as it “the largest conference within the world” with more than 50,000 guests in the conference during its 2016 edition.

The conference has already established over 650 loudspeakers appear at its event and it has presented exhibits from such top tech companies as Microsoft, Google, IBM, Apple and Samsung. Other attendees include Coca-Cola, Toyota, Nike, Uber, Dropbox, Airbnb, Stripe, Slack and Tesla. Leading investors can also be known to go to.

Attendees originate from over 160 regions, but curiosity about the conference is increased since the Facebook Live turnout for that conference peaked at ten million because of its 2016 edition.

Let’s start the highlights.

The First Years (2009-2012)

Web Summit had humble beginnings in comparison to the turnout it’s nowadays. It had been co-founded by Padd Cosgrove, an Irish entrepreneur, David Kelly and Daire Hickey. The organization began in Dublin, which located its first number of conferences.

The very first conference featured a little gathering of journalists and bloggers, which incorporated the kind of political blogger Iain Dale, Ben Hammersley of The Protector and Ian Douglas of The Daily Telegraph.

The attendance turnout increased to 400 this year, and attendees incorporated local entrepreneurs, people from the local company community in addition to investors. Attendance tripled by 2011, and loudspeakers incorporated web giants Chad Hurley, co-founding father of YouTube, Jack Dorsey, co-founding father of Twitter and Matt Mullenweg, co-founding father of WordPress.

Attendance increased to 4,200 this year. The big event grew to become a hub for business, and lots of companies used the big event to produce their latest products.

Highlights from Web Summit 2013

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Curiosity about the summit skyrocketed in 2013 with attendees including serial entrepreneur Elon Musk, co-founder and Chief executive officer of VICE Geebet Cruz, entrepreneur and pro skateboarder Tony Hawk, founder and Chief executive officer of Dropbox Came Houston, and co-founding father of Skype and Kazaa Niklas Zennström. The turnout with this year went more than 10,000, and most of the attendees weren’t located in Ireland, that was a pleasant vary from the prior years.

The wedding also acquired heavy interest from mainstream media outlets, including The Wall Street Journal, Wired and CNN. Additionally, it acquired interest from Irish Pm Enda Kenny, who opened up the NASDAQ Market in the event. Other occasions were also unveiled to enhance the summit, such as the Food Summit to showcase gourmet Irish food and also the Night Summit for after-hrs entertainment.

A significant highlight out of this event was the talk between Elon Musk, Pm Kenny, co-founding father of Hyperloop One and Sherpa Capital Shervin Pishevar, and founding father of Storyful Mark Little. The talk emphasized the significance Ireland has for achievement within the technology and business industries prior to the focus now use Elon Musk’s success regardless of all the setbacks he’s faced and risks he’s taken.

Ideas about this summit:

Yearly, Entrepreneur on Twitter

Tony Hawk, Pro Skateboarder & Entrepreneur on Twitter

Highlights from Web Summit 2014

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Web Summit 2014 was attended by 22,000 people. Press coverage extended with this conference, which meant it had been now being included in CNBC, CNN, Fox Business News, Bloomberg, Sky News, BBC and Al Jazeera.

There have been much more loudspeakers only at that event, including actress and founding father of the Avoi Longoria Foundation Avoi Longoria and clinical psychiatrist/neuropsychologist and director of medical virtual reality at USC Skip Rizzo. The summit was damaged lower into nine “mini summits” to combat the increase in loudspeakers. These small summits were known as Center, Enterprise, Marketing, Builders, Machine, Society, Film, Music and Sport.

Ideas about this summit:

Avoi Longoria, Actress & Founding father of the Avoi Longoria Foundation on Twitter

Highlights from Web Summit 2015

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The wedding was attended by over 42,000 people, and loudspeakers incorporated President of Pixar Erectile dysfunction Catmull, founder and Chief executive officer of Dell Michael Dell, and Amit Singh of Google. Listed here are a couple of great talks out of this summit:

Creativeness: Erectile dysfunction Catmull of Pixar in Conversation with Caroline Daniel

Obama of Pixar discusses balancing creativeness with business and also the ever-altering realm of technology.

Machine Learning: The Following Great Leap – Amit Singh, Google

Amit Singh from Google discusses the significance of artificial intelligence and just how it will help Google enhance the products we use.

Clicking Through: Charting the Ecommerce Journey

Mollie Spilman of Criteo and David Rusenko of Weebly break lower your way a person takes from your ad they saw for the product/shop towards the checkout page they find once they get your product. The talk involves using multi-tool and platform-driven environments.

In other news, it had been announced the summit could be located in Lisbon, Portugal starting in 2016. The announcement came carrying out a dispute between your Irish government and also the organizers from the summit over whether Dublin was outfitted to deal with a 3-day event composed well over 40,000 people.

Ideas about this summit:

Michael Dell, Founder & Chief executive officer of Dell on Twitter

Highlights from Web Summit 2016

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Web Summit 2016 was gone to live in Lisbon, as guaranteed. It had been also announced this is the venue for Web Summit 2017 and 2018. This conference was attended by over 53,000 attendees, which incorporated over 1,500 startups.

Over 600 loudspeakers attended this summit, including John Chambers of ‘cisco’, Facebook CTO Mike Schroepfer, Twitter founder Jack Dorsey, and founder and Chief executive officer of Elon Musk. Here are a handful of talks out of this summit:

Every Country Is Going To Be Digital

John Chambers and Izabella Kaminska of monetary Occasions discuss what must be completed to ensure crucial companies and countries don’t get left out as the whole world goes digital.

10 Years from Now

Facebook CTO Mike Schroepfer outlines what Facebook has planned for the following decade.

Ideas about this summit:

Linda Boff, CMO of Whirlpool on Twitter

What’s available for Web Summit 2017?

Regrettably, it’s too soon to inform, but you will get use of a price reduction on tickets by using this link. Meanwhile, make sure to check out the most recent news at, and compensate for past summits around the official Web Summit YouTube Funnel.

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