Why they won

Bob Johnson’s Computer Stuff  won the Innovation Award for Customer Experience.

For that brand’s capability to “think just like a customer” and let tools that addressed specific discomfort points within the search experience.

Business stats

  • Founder: Bob Manley
  • Who posted (and it is quoted below): Erectile dysfunction Lasher, Marketing Director
  • Year founded: 1996
  • Headquartered: Smyrna, DE
  • Ecommerce vertical: Electronics
  • Website
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • YouTube

Business connection between the innovation

  • Overall rate of conversion up 31%
  • Rate of conversion through funnel up 2,000%
  • AOV up 2x the speed in 2016

The things they’re doing

We sell refurbished rugged laptops, they’re niche products utilized by professionals in a number of different fields, with different needs. By necessity, we use lots of product options.

The task behind the innovation

UX presented a specific challenge when confronted with our highly configurable products.

Lengthy lists of options would push essential page elements underneath the fold and then leave shoppers feeling from their depth when navigating all of the choices before them.

To finish it off, our goods are refurbished, so we must work very difficult to instill trust. If your shopper has any apprehensions to start with, a under optimal UX is really a dying blow towards the purchase.

We understood we’d to find away out to optimize our product pages.

We hypothesized that a lot of our shoppers needed more personal attention, for both technical guidance as well as for reassurance.

Our first plan of action ended up being to install Zendesk Chat (then Zopim) online.

For most likely too lengthy, I’d opposed the thought of getting chat on bobjohnson.com, due to the fact I, personally, like a consumer, don’t like it.

Chat modules on ecommerce websites are just like roaming salespeople in physical stores.

  • Some shoppers focus on them immediately, looking forward to guidance.
  • Others try and prevent them, preferring no-pressure experience with self-service.
  • Some shoppers are frustrated when assistance isn’t easily available, while some seem like they’re being stalked by salespeople.

I fall under the second category, however i still want use of customer support after i require it.

Overall, the positives from the roaming sales rep over-shadow the negatives.

Somewhat unwillingly, I installed a chat module. Chat includes some significant limitations. To begin with, we are able to only man the chat during work hours.

All of those other time shoppers need to leave a note. Furthermore, as formerly pointed out, some shoppers simply don’t like chat and won’t utilize it.

While chat could certainly may play a role, we wanted a far more comprehensive strategy.

The way they have great results

Using chat, we identified several common concerns and questions.

We discovered that some shoppers were getting stuck at the start of the sales funnel, unclear about where to start or coping with unique use cases that will require extra attention.

We developed two solutions:

1. Enhanced product pages for self-service shoppers

Inspectlet and customary sense had proven me that visitors needed to scroll up and lower the lengthy listing of product choices to check how their choices affected the merchandise cost.

I understood from chat that shoppers frequently had questions regarding certain product options.

All the details absolutely free themes needed was available elsewhere on the website, however they would need to think it is, and by doing this divert their attention from the order.

So, here’s things i did:

  • Empowered by Stencil’s advanced features and support for local development, I produced a custom product page template using JavaScript to help make the cost stay with the top viewport when scrolling lower the page.
  • This ensures that you could always begin to see the updated cost instantly while selecting different choices.
  • I additionally made information fly-outs explaining our most requested about options.

These enhancements are pretty straight forward by design, intended to be intuitive and distraction-free.

2. A “Selection Assistance” funnel for any more nurtured experience.

Peppered around bobjohnson.com are CTAs resulting in the choice Assistance form.

The shape asks the consumer a number of questions regarding their demands and also the atmosphere by which they’ll be utilising laptops.

Using conditional logic, it digs much deeper when needed, while staying away from irrelevant questions.

  • Whenever a customer submits the shape, the data would go to a group member who then begins dealing with the mark customer.
  • That information also would go to Infusionsoft for future reference, lead scoring and automatic follow-up.
  • BigCommerce’s Buy Button adds a pleasant touch towards the Selection Assistance funnel. We are able to now produce a SKU for that exact configuration the client needs and link them right to the cart.

That’s it. Forget about friction.

Final word

Since applying the custom product page template in May, 2017, our rate of conversion expires 31% within the same period in 2016.

The Choice Assistance funnel allows us to cultivate relationships with this visitors, potentially creating brand advocates and lifelong customers.

The entire year-to-date rate of conversion for visitors who submit a variety Assistance request has ended 2,000% greater compared to overall rate of conversion.

Actually, a customer who submits a variety Assistance request on bobjohnson.com is statistically just like prone to develop a purchase as somebody who has added an item for their cart.

The AOV of consumers who requested Selection Assistance in 2017 YTD is almost double the amount overall AOV.

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